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Maybe that’s useful for some, but in my experience the widgets and news stories available in the Widgets menu are completely superfluous and hard to configure. I hope Microsoft makes some big changes to Windows 11 Widgets quickly, because I can’t see why anyone would use them at this stage. At best, the Widgets menu appears to be a hard-to-customize way of catching up on news, weather, and sports scores, all of which can be accomplished just as easily in a browser or on your phone. The biggest change you’ll notice when upgrading to Windows 11 is the new design.

It is developed by me and I think many of you find useful than other applications on the list. If you are looking for a way to improve your multitasking skills, split-screening can be a great solution. Open all of the apps that you want to work with and arrange them however you like on your desktop. When used effectively, split-screen allows you to stay organized and streamline your workflow by giving you easy access to all of your resources in one place. There are many other potential uses for screen splitting, but these are just a few examples.

What to Buy: A School Laptop Under $500 That Isn’t Junk

All you had to do was press a specific key, and you were in. This was logitech drivers download possible because the computers would literally take minutes to boot up. Getting into your PC’s BIOS settings can help you tweak a plethora of low-level computer settings. Be it fiddling with the date and time of your PC or just changing the settings of your CPU, if you can enter in BIOS , you can do it all. «The specific key that I needed to press to access the BIOS upon startup helped.»

  • To split-screen on Windows 10, press the Windows key + Right or Left arrow key in an active window, and click your preferred window on the other side.
  • Microsoft has already announced that Windows 11 will be offered as a free upgrade to certain eligible Windows 10 computers, and this eligible tidbit has caused quite a lot of confusion lately.
  • Hope you enjoyed reading the post and will use Filmora to create jaw-dropping and astonishing videos.

These changes will only take place in the next Windows 10 major update, which doesn’t have a set date yet. After graduating college with a degree in Mathematics, I worked in finance and banking a few years before taking a job as a database administrator. I started working with Notebookcheck in October of 2016 and have enjoyed writing news and reviews. I’ve also written for other outlets including UltrabookReview and GeeksWorldWide, focusing on consumer guidance and video gaming. My areas of interest include the business side of technology, retro gaming, Linux, and innovative gadgets.

Enter anything, it might just be it

Going back to the design, though, even the animations have changed in Windows 11. As you log in to Windows 11, your Taskbar icons float in from the bottom. Opening and minimizing an app makes the icon bounce. Moving around an open window brings up a glass-like pane. Even tapping to summon right-click menus will bring a clean-looking context menu that flows through with your wallpaper. Combined with the right hardware, everything just driver solution flows more smoothly than it ever did before.

In 1995, however, Microsoft managed to make the mundane appear life-changing. The Seattle Times quoted one happy midnight customer, standing with his wife, who predicted that «this is going to enhance our marriage.» TEN years ago, Microsoft unveiled Windows 95 in a way that suggested that the product’s arrival was no less momentous than when humans stood upright for the first time. The company spent about $200 million introducing the operating system.

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